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7 ways to upcycle hessian coffee bags

12 March 2022

It's an image synonymous with coffee roasting. Big hessian bags filled with coffee beans, the printed words and pictures representing coffee farms from across Africa, Asia and the Americas. Hessian or burlap bags are still the default choice for shipping coffee around the world, but once the sacks have been opened and coffee beans roasted, the hessian bags are no longer needed.

Sustainability Initiatives at Two Before Ten image one

Sustainability Initiatives at Two Before Ten

21 June 2020

Over the past two years we have taken some big steps in reducing our waste and making our business more sustainable. By working with us over the years you have already helped bring these initiatives to life.

Happy World Environment Day! image one

Happy World Environment Day!

5 June 2020

These days there is plastic in just about everything, and reducing our consumption of it can be challenging. As part of our commitment to lowering our environmental footprint, we as a group are selling our retail coffee bags in compostable, fully biodegradable packaging, even down to the stickers, printed by Black Rainbow.