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Urban Farm

We do more than just great food and coffee

With an acre of land in the heart of Canberra, the Aranda Urban Farm supports our cafes by growing fresh, sustainable produce throughout the year. From mixed lettuce, to cherry trees and sweet corn crops, the farm helps reduce our packaging and food miles as well as turning the compostable green-waste from our cafes back into productive fruit and veg in a sustainable circular system.

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Urban Farm Goods

The introduction of the UFG range in 2020 has opened up new opportunities for getting our produce out to the community. Ingrid and her team keep busy pickling, brewing, fermenting, making and baking with ingredients picked fresh from the Aranda Urban Farm and local community.

Produce Exchange Program

Each one of our cafes also operates a produce exchange program where you can bring in excess fruit or veg from your home gardens and exchange them for coffee vouchers or UFG products, then see your harvest turned into meals on our menus. Drop us a line or see us in store for more info.

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