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Burundi Akawa Project

17 February 2022

We’ve been supporting the Burundi Akawa Project in collaboration with Condesa Co.Lab since 2017 and the quality of the coffee produced gets better every year. The project aims to improve the lives and help create a more sustainable future for coffee farmers in Burundi with the use of plant nurseries, water recycling, training, guidance, and stability of income through pre-purchasing.

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Colombia La Marianela

29 October 2020

La Marianela Estate is located between the volcanic mountains of Coconuncos and the Nevado del Huila. The estate’s commitment to sustainability saw them obtain Rainforest Alliance and UTZ certifications back in 2016, demonstrating the care and concern towards their workers and ecosystem.

Ethiopia Guji Dari Kojuwa image one

Ethiopia Guji Dari Kojuwa

11 August 2020

Ethiopia is notorious for its complex coffee export process, discouraging smallholder coffee farmers to export their product. With the aim of improving this process, Dararo Farmer’s Group was created to supply superior quality, traceable and unique micro lots directly from producers.

Papua New Guinea Kindeng AX image one

Papua New Guinea Kindeng AX

11 August 2020

The Eastern Highlands in Papua New Guinea is home to a relatively new coffee growing region in the world scene. This high altitude area is incredibly remote and has struggled with exporting produce from virtually inaccessible areas.

Guatemala Sierra Madre image one

Guatemala Sierra Madre

29 July 2020

Due to its remoteness, most producers in Huehuetenango process their own coffee. Luckily, an abundance of streams and rivers in the region makes fully washed processing more accessible.