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What's the deal with decaf?

7 January 2023

Take your regular green (raw) coffee beans, comprising of around 1000 naturally occurring chemicals that make up its unique tastes and aromas, then remove only the caffeine molecules. It's a daunting task that people have been working to improve for more than a century and has resulted in 4 distinctive decaffeination methods that are still used today.

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Coffee brewing methods: how to make your perfect cup of coffee

26 May 2022

Brewing coffee really only requires two ingredients: coffee beans and water. Yet changing the water temperature, grind size, brew time or pressure can result in very distinct flavours. The way we brew can be as simple as ground coffee mixed with water in a cup. Or as complex as balancing extraction ratios and measuring total dissolved solids. A huge range of brewing devices representing coffee drinking from around the world are now available to us, opening up possibilities for exploration and challenging what is considered a standard cup of coffee.

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Storing Coffee at Home

12 September 2020

It’s a common question asked when buying coffee beans for home, “how can I keep this fresh?” There are a few misconceptions still floating about, so keep reading to find out our recommendations to keep your coffee tasting its best.