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11 August 2020

Papua New Guinea Kindeng AX

Region: Waghi Valley, Jiwaka Province, Western Highlands

Altitude: 1500

Process: Washed

Varietal: Bourbon, Catimor, Typica

Notes: Cocoa, pear, brown sugar, mixed spice, black cherry, grapefruit

Used in: Atlas Blend, Sabertooth Blend

The Eastern Highlands in Papua New Guinea is home to a relatively new coffee growing region in the world scene. This high altitude area is incredibly remote and has struggled with exporting produce from virtually inaccessible areas. Mostly unchanged by the modern world, 98% of agriculture here is subsistence rather than permanent crops and most of the population still live in local tribes, resulting in hundreds of smallholder plots cooperatively managing small village coffee blocks.

SMS (Sustainable Management Services) PNG operates small but intensive farmer extension services appropriate for Papua New Guinea’s culture and traditions, contributing to the empowerment of these communities. Although small farms (called 'gardens') usually can’t afford organic certification, their traditional farming methods follow organic principles and longevity of arable land is of high importance to the country’s indigenous people. Washing during processing follows strict gauges and is used sparingly after natural fermentation has finished. This estate utilises shade-grown coffee to promote even ripening of coffee cherries and provide habitat for at least 90 species of birds.

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