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5 June

Happy World Environment Day!

These days there is plastic in just about everything, and reducing our consumption of it can be challenging. As part of our commitment to lowering our environmental footprint, we as a group are selling our retail coffee bags in compostable, fully biodegradable packaging, even down to the stickers, printed by Black Rainbow.

The coffee bags are made from recycled paper with an interior corn-based biofilm to keep contents fresh. Heat-sealed at the top, they will break down in hot compost leaving nothing behind.

Black Rainbow have created these beautiful stickers using 100% recycled paper and non-toxic ink. They are made in Gippsland, Australia using solar power and water-reduction technologies. Charley Daniel, their printing founder, set up the company in 1987 after years of environmental campaigning. His efforts resulted in the introduction of the first Australian made 100% post consumer recycled paper onto the market. Based on Charley’s ideologies and commitment to the cause, his company aims to provide high quality printing that isn’t at the expense of old growth native forests. We love being able to support an Australian business that is so committed to environmental sustainability.