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13 July

Supporting sustainable beekeeping in Canberra with healthy pollinators in our community.

With such a large backyard and passion for sustainability, getting beehives at Two Before Ten was a no brainer. Over the 2020 summer we enlisted the “host a hive” program, managed by The Honeysmith – an ethical & sustainable honey beekeeper in Canberra.


We started with two hives in our native garden on the east side of our Aranda block – providing the perfect space for the bees to thrive away from customers and work their magic pollinating our Urban Farm. Bees will travel 3-5km from the hive in search of nectar and pollen, so our entire veggie garden reaps the rewards of these hard working ‘tradies’. The hives are nurtured in the native garden with water baths and no pesticides, in return, The Honey Smith manages the hives to have as little impact on the natural ecosystem as possible. By June we decided two wasn’t enough and had four extra hives added in preparation for spring.


Why bees?


Bees are suffering habitat loss due to agriculture, pesticides, resource extraction and human settlement. Bees play a fundamental role in pollinating a third of the food we eat across the world – thanks to bees we can enjoy a range of foods from apples and pears to coffee and vanilla. And if you are wearing cotton, that’s because the cotton plant your threads came from was pollinated.


Sweet, delicious honey


The Honeysmith is about producing 100% raw natural honey that is extracted from the frames and filtered into a jar for our enjoyment. In time we hope to be retailing the honey produced from our six hives, and one day hope to use in our cafes, house-made chai & Urban Farm Goods Kimchi!


For more resources or to host your own hive, check out