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5 November

Pure Australian black tea from the Daintree Tea Company

Most of the tea we drink in Australia is imported from overseas, but there are still options to buy 100% Australian made and grown tea. Our roastery and cafes have been getting our single origin black tea directly from the Daintree Tea Company in Queensland’s far north for nearly two years now. We noticed right away how much fresher it can taste when the leaves don’t spend months in transit and storage. It also comes to us in big 19kg bags, so there’s no excess packaging involved.


The Nicholas family established the plantation just north of the Daintree River in 1978 and are still managing and operating it themselves. Their unblended black tea is pesticide free and certified as 100% Australian made and grown. The quality is amazing and the aroma carries through the roastery every time we open the bucket! It’s used in our house-made Sticky Chai and available as a dine-in or takeaway tea in all our cafes. The Cubbagudta Plantation is also open to visitors for anyone making a trip up north.