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30 September

Local honey from Queen of Hearts in Yass

Chris and Tara Inglis are first generation beekeepers with a focus on helping their bees do what they do best with minimal intervention through the use of modern technology and management techniques. They are a minimal migratory operation, meaning they don’t move their hives around chasing nectar flows and creating stress for the bees, mostly keeping them at home in Yass. This has the added benefit of supporting the pollination of local native flora, with a flavour that changes seasonally based on what is currently flowering. The couple are raising their young family with an appreciation for agriculture and the environment, and it’s wonderful to see the the passion they have for beekeeping and creating a sustainable product.

The Two Before Ten Roastery have been using Queen of Hearts honey since early 2020 in our housemade Sticky Chai, and the cafes have also started serving the raw honey during service. We love that it comes in refillable tubs with a honey gate, which we swap out for a full tub when it’s getting low! The Aranda hives in partnership with The Honey Smith are still a short way off their first harvest, but we’re very happy we can continue partnering with Tara and Chris to keep our honey local.