A darker, sustainable roast with notes of rich caramel, chocolate, nuts and stonefruit. Atlas is great with milk or cream and best brewed through an espresso machine or plunger.

TIMOR LESTE: Renumata, wash processed, 1500 masl

GUATEMALA: Pancum Estate Bourbon, wash processed, 1550 masl


A medium roast with notes of hazelnut, cocoa and malt. Juggernaut is our goldilocks blend; not too dark, not too light…

COLOMBIA: Popayan Reserve, wash processed, 1300 masl

GUATEMALA: Huehuetenango, wash processed, 1400 masl

BRAZIL: Santa Serra, natural processed, 900 – 1500 masl

KENYA: AB, wash processed, 1400 – 2000 masl


A light roast of equal parts Colombian, Brazilian and Guatemalan with flavours of milk chocolate and nuts. If you’ve got some killer facial hair happening and you’re into Nordic third wave coffee, then this is probably your brew.

COLOMBIA: Huila La Palestina, wash processed, 1300 masl

GUATEMALA: Huehuetenango, wash processed, 1400 masl

BRAZIL: Santa Serra, natural processed, 900 – 1500 masl


Sabertooth is a light roast with vibrant notes of citrus, apricot and marzipan. Perfect as an espresso or long black, we recommend steering clear of using milk with this blend as it tends to mute some of the brighter, sweet notes of the roast.

TIMOR LESTE: Renumata, wash processed,  1500 masl

RWANDA: Mwasa, wash processed, 1650 masl


Our decaf blend is crafted through a 100% chemical free process know as the ‘Swiss Water Process’. The process used to decaffeinate these beans is truly amazing. Using only water and by managing time and temperature over a period of 10 hours, caffeine is removed from every bean. The process begins with cleaning and hydrating green beans with water. Beans are then soaked in a water based ‘Green Coffee Extract’ (GCE), which draws out the caffeine and into the GCE solution. The caffeine content and ‘Green Coffee Extract’ are filtered through carbon filters which separates the caffeine from the extract. This solution then saturates fresh coffee beans with tasty coffee molecules with no caffeine, to achieve the best decaf coffee possible…. pretty clever.


A very rich, high-quality bean, this Ethiopian Guji is perfect for lovers of African coffee. The high growing altitude makes for an aromatic and complex cup with notes of cherry, apricot, pineapple and cacao.

ETHIOPIA: Guji – Grade 1, natural processed, 1750-2300masl