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New Poundcake Blend

Strawberry jam, shortbread, honey and raisin. No, I’m not describing your afternoon tea, but it would make a good accompaniment. The new flavours of our Poundcake coffee blend are light and deliciously creamy through milk. This blend works great through espresso machines while also being delicate enough to taste great as a pourover.

As part of our commitment to sourcing from sustainably focused farms, each of the bean origins have been selected for both their incredible flavour profiles as well as their environmental and community initiatives.

Rwanda Nziza Women’s Collective

1800 masl

Wash Processed

rwanda sustainable coffee

On the border of Congo, at the edge of Kivu Lake, there is a collective of 2000 women who pick and bring cherry to the washing station. They are single mothers, or women who have gone through divorce, separation or isolation, most of them also surviving the genocide in 1994. Their coffee has a very unique flavour for the region, which brings creamy, biscuity notes to the Poundcake blend.

The Rwandan exporter of the Nziza women’s coffee ‘Land of a Thousand Hills’ is doing great work in the region, establishing a health clinic, nursery, “Forgiveness School” and helping with initiatives for wool production and nutrition programs for local children. As a not-for-profit, all the money ‘Land of a Thousand Hills’ makes from the sale of this coffee goes back into the community.

Nicaragua La Hammonia Selva Negra

1200 – 1400masl

Honey Processed

Organic, RFA, Smithsonian Bird-Friendly

sustainable coffee farm

Selva Negra is much more than just a coffee farm. Mausi and Eddy bought this land back in 1974 and over the years have transformed it into a completely self-sustaining eco village. There are vegetable gardens, livestock, a bakery, cheese making factory, restaurant, eco lodge, medical clinic, primary school, baseball diamond and coffee tree nursery. This is all powered by solar panels around the farm and methane gas produced for cooking by using waste water from coffee cherry processing. The workers live on-site in a purpose built village with power and running water where they pay $1 rent per year.

It’s an amazingly unique place with a true goal of sustainability in every sense. Definitely worth a visit for anyone headed to Central America.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Black Lion Special

1950 – 2150masl

Natural Processed

Handpicked and sorted by a group of smallholder farmers near the town of Yirgacheffe, these producers are paid premium prices for their incredible quality beans grown in the original birthplace of coffee.

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